The lore of Quetherade

This website I am starting will be the lore of a world I have created. There may be many stories of epic adventures of fantasy and magic. If your not into that stuff, get out.

The creation of Quetherade

There are many Mythologies where thay say "in the begining ther was nothing" but that is simply impossible. there can never be nothing. There will always be something. Dorivar did not create the world, he simply came into existence at some point. Although he saw nothing, Dorivar soon discovered that there was everything in and around him. He could smell honey and hear the birds chirping (When later questoned about this, people took it for insanity. No one really knows the answer because no one else was alive at that point in time). Soon after he smelled and heared these things, Dorivar started to feel grass with his fingers and a warm summer wind. He then realized that his eyes were closed.It took Dorivar six weeks for him to open his eyes fully. The moon had not been invented yet so only the sun shone brightly above. When he finally did open his eyes, Dorivar saw a beutiful field of grass. A large maple tree stood tall behind Dorivar with a bee hive hanging off one of the highest branches. Dorivar decided to take a walk around to see how far this field went. Not long after he started walking he lealized that the field he was presently standing on was quite small and only continued for a few hundred feet. When Dorivar reached the end of the field he saw an abyss so far down no one could see the bottom. Dorivar went back to the tree. Dorivar decided he was bored. He sat under the maple tree for a long long time until an idea formed in his head. He was so lonely and he needed company, so Dorivar decided that he would create life. He did not know how, but he knew he had to. If he didn't what else was he going to do? Eat all the honey alone? No, Dorivar would create a daughter so he could have someone to eat honey with. But of coarse there was the problem that he did not know how to create life.

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